How long does it take for my power supply to charge?:

From completely dead, to a full charge will take around two hours.

How will I know when my power supply is fully charged?:

The LED indicator on the smart charger will turn from red to green.

How will I know when my power supply is about to die?:

There is no life indicator because the battery will last several days, all you have to do is plug it in when you're finished.

Can use my power supply while charging?:

The power supply can be used while charging and also be left plugged in and used when fully charged.

What is the battery life of my power supply?:

Typically people get around three days of use unplugged but some have experienced upwards of a week.

The battery life is determined by the amperage draw of your tattoo machines, the lower the draw, the longer the life.

What is the voltage range of my power supply?:

The power supply has a voltage range of 1.25v - 12.7v.

Will my power supply run any tattoo machine?:

This is impossible to know, greedy companies are always making new machines that will only run with their accessories.

What do I do if my power supply stops working?:

First check to see if the charger is getting power by looking at the LED indicator on the charger.

Also, make sure that your foot switch is working properly.

If your power supply has a constant run button, press the button to check for power.

Next, turn the dial of the power supply clockwise several times to increase the voltage.

Most of the time people don't realize their power supply is off and just need to turn up the dial.

If none of these solutions work contact me for further diagnosis.

Why is my power supply getting warm?:

It's normal for a linear power supply to generate heat.

Why is my power supply getting hot?:

This is caused by a short in either a foot switch or clip cord causing a direct short from power to ground.

Unplug all cords from the power supply and allow it to cool down.

Always use high quality cords and machines and check them often for signs damage.

If the power supply won't cool down, short the positive pin of the charge port to the negative ring of the charge port.

After the power supply cools down contact me for further diagnosis.

The volt meter on my power supply stopped working, did I cause that?

Most likely not.  While I encourage learning to tattoo without a volt meter, I understand some people rely on them.

These meters are the only consumer grade part of the power supply and the only meter that fits the design.

Once in a while they may lose their calibration causing the meter to read slightly lower than actual voltage.

On rare occasions the meter can completely fail.


A faulty volt meter is covered under warranty.

Why does my power supply seem like it's lacking power?

It's extremely rare for your power supply to have an internal issue.

Sometimes a volt meter can lose its calibration causing it to read lower than actual voltage.

In most cases a lack of power is caused my faulty accessories such as clip cords, foot switches and machines.

Try troubleshooting with a new foot switch, clip cord and different machines to see if the issue still persists.

If you still experience a lack of power, contact me for further diagnosis.

What should I do if I break my power supply?:

Refer to the shipping and returns page for more information on repairing a broken power supply.

Please be honest about what happened to the power supply as it saves me time in repairs.

I bought my power supply second hand and it's not working properly, can you look at it?:

All repairs to a power supply not purchased directly from me have no warranty and will be repaired at your expense.

Should I try to repair my power supply myself?:

Absolutely not, this is potentially hazardous and will void your warranty.

I can't find my charger can I use any power cord I find laying around?

Using any power cord other than the one provided will void any warranty and most likely damage your power supply.




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